The opened cacao pod shows off its beans in their pristine white pulp.

Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory Orchard Tour

Bob Cooper opens the tour with a welcome to the Hawaii Cacao 2005 group in June, 2005

Note how the cacao trees in the orchard are growing very close together and have formed a canopy of interlocking branches to provide shade for each other

The beans are displayed along with the open pod with its cacao bean "placenta" which is left attached in the pod shell.

To the delight of the participants, a green gecko brazenly comes in for a taste. Cacao pulp is composed of parenchymatous cells containing cell sap rich in sugars, pentosans, citric acid and salts.

Bob Cooper discusses the fermenting process with the participants.Note the box fermentary at the left of the picture.

The conch to bring out the roasted nibs flavor.

Bob has a number of drying sheds with lids to close when the evening showers come.

Into the factory for a look at the roaster and winnowing equipment.


Discussing the tempering and molding process used to produce bars.

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