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Hawaii Chocolate and Cacao Association (HCCA)

For more information on the assocation contact: info@hawaiichocolate.org

This organization started with an informal the Hawaii Cacao Group and we are very excited to have the volunteer efforts morph into a more formal industry association.

Hawaii Cacao Industry Group History

2011 September Update (this is a very big PDF file)

2010 September Update

April 2010 Representative Corinne Ching's Resolution H.C.R 89 adopted! Little steps such as this one will help raise awareness of cacao in our State, and hopefully help it gain the momentum that it needs to become a major crop here in Hawaii.

2010 March Update

April 2, 2009 inaugural Cacao to Chocolate Newsletter released.

2009 Kona Cacao Production & Economics Document

Excel spreadsheet addendum to Production Document

December 13, 2009 a one day meeting was held to discuss the new white paper: The Economics of Cacao Production in Kona.

2008 Report from inaugural group meeting and subsequent April 2009 update

October 23, 2008 - A one day meeting on the future of cacao in Hawaii. There were over 25 stakeholders from across the Hawaiian Islands and the Mainland in attendance including growers, researchers, government and users (i.e. chocolate makers and chocolatiers). A report of the successful results of that full day meeting are available.

Hawaii Cacao Symposium, June 2005 - sponsored by Ecole Chocolat, this meeting brought together Hawaii cacao industry stakeholders for the first time. This became the Hawaii Cacao Industry Group.

Informal History of Hawaii Cacao

The growing of cacao trees started in the 1850's and has had ups and downs as other commodity crops got the attention of growers. There have been many interesting initiatives. With the renewed interest by growers, Hawaii cacao has a chance to survive and to thrive.

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Dole Cacao Orchard Tour

Explore the experimental orchard planted by Dole Food Company of Hawaii in 1998

Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory

Bob & Pam Coopers orchard and factory produce the only 100% Hawaiian chocolate.

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